Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Boy!

We have some prejudices swirling around the house (at least with the two older boys). They are of the mindset that only those with the Y chromosome are worthy of play. My thought is it's temporary. I'm thinking once puberty kicks in, opinions will shift and we'll be pining for the days of old when girls were considered "icky."

Cooper, on the other hand, may just be ahead of his time. He actually adores female companions. I'm thinking he's the one who may just have the last laugh by the time prom rolls around.

Today we babysat Frances, an adorable four year old girl who only has a sister. When Francis was dropped off she was clutching a stash of girlie toys. (I'm assuming she was bracing herself for a houseful of trucks.) She dumped her bag, and first unveiled her Strawberry Shortcake home. Cooper was thrilled. He positioned his Batcave parallel to the Strawberry shaped structure and the play ensued in a harmonious fashion.

Suddenly, Caleb and Connor decided the Strawberry Shortcake house needed to be attacked and a battle scene should be displayed. Poor Frances...I'm sure the Strawberry Shortcake house was never used for warfare in the past! But Frances rolled with it, and Strawberry Shortcake seemed to flourish as "artillery" was used against her and her homestead.

Girl sensitivity is a skill we're working on. It sure would help to have some sisters, but today we had Frances!

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