Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Predictable Play

The boys indulged in snow cones at the snack bar!

After swim class, we ventured over to a nearby park: Forest Park. What a find! The park had it all: two playgrounds, a pool, a miniature golf course, a carousel and (drum roll) a snack bar. (You can just imagine what the boys loved most!) When we arrived at the park, the boys rushed out of the car. They're totally predictable; I knew once they jetted out of the vehicle exactly where each boy would land first.

Caleb and Connor gravitated towards a pack of boys near the slide. The pack embraced the boys and Caleb seized the leadership role. The boys settled on pirate play (good pirates, that is!). They sailed their vessel (slide) among the rough seas (mulch) scouting out bad guys (girls) while protecting their booty (silly bands).

As for Cooper, he jumped onto the rotating chair first, of course. Keep in mind, Cooper gets motion sick. This little fact never stopped him from seeking out equipment with maximum rotation and extreme movement. Once he started twirling, I held my breath and thought, "Why didn't I bring extra clothes." But he completed about a hundred rotations successfully and then scooted off the chair. His face appeared a little greenish and he began stumbling around like he just walked out of happy hour, but in typically Cooper fashion in a matter of minutes he's back leaping off play equipment and thundering down slides.

Collin, my dog lover, rushed towards the nearest pooch shouting "woof, woof." Collin adores dogs.. a little too much! He treats dogs the way I've seen older siblings treat new baby brothers or sisters. He grabs, hugs, swats, pulls and smoothers until I'm sure the dog just wants to roll over and play dead. Gentleness is a learned skill, and we're not quite there.

Forest park was wonderful, and nice for the boys to engage in the familiar at someplace new!

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