Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Sweet Day

Caught brown handed!

One of the things I've learned as a parent is that you can't judge how a day went until the kids are actually asleep in bed. A day can breeze by swimmingly, and then totally disintegrate within a matter of nanoseconds at the end of the day. Such was the case this evening.

The day was fabulous. We've fallen into a summer routine with the boys voicing few qualms or hesitations. We even attempted the pool again with a greater degree of success. As we hit the 6 o'clock hour a peaceful haze blanketed the Wood household.

I was scrubbing dinner dishes when I noticed Collin poised at my feet with a grin plastered on his face. I took a double take and noticed a brown powdery substance spattered on his skin and clothes. My first thought was, "Where's the rest?" It didn't take long for me to follow the powdery trail to the pantry. There lie an overturned cocoa can with cocoa remnants clustered in a brown powdery pool on the tiles. From Collin's appearance, he must have greeted the runaway cocoa with fervor. I'm gathering he tasted the spillage and then romped among the remains (maybe even rolled).

The pantry and coca culprit were cleaned and bedtime routine began. A few minutes later, Cooper and Connor emerged from their room. Both had a gooey blue substance smattered on their body. Cooper even had a blue goo mound crowning his skull. Upon further investigation, I discovered the substance's identity: toothpaste. A bath was in order for Cooper. Connor's bath fell second in line. Memories of my pleasant day were beginning to erode.

I finished Cooper's bath and wandered into Collin's room. There I saw Connor and Collin nestled among a slew of blankets and stuffed toys. Connor was holding a children's book and reading out loud to his little brother who was snuggling at his feet. My anger was washed away as I gawked at a scene I can only describe as "precious." The chocolate covered pantry and toothpaste encrusted hair becomes a distant memory that was replaced by something sweeter.

Today was a day that was good.

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