Monday, June 28, 2010

Swim Successes

With summer camps a memory, we've moved onto swim lessons this week. Caleb and Connor are taking a week's worth of private swim lessons from a family owned swim school operation. This is the second year Caleb has participated in the lessons. Last year, he progressed immensely in just a week and even seemed to become fond of his instructors (no small feat!). Still basking in Caleb's successes, we eagerly signed Connor up for lessons too.

The boys willingly entered the pool and latched onto their male instructors. Both boys seemed to be listening and attempting to master the requested skill. Connor happily blew bubbles, back floated and made arm circles and leg kicks in tandem (sans instructor) in the shallow portion of the pool. Moving on, Isaiah propelled Connor to the deep end and requested Connor repeat those same skills.

Connor immediately panicked. He began to cry and begged the instructor to return him to the shallow end. Isaiah remained firm and insisted Connor attempt the learned techniques. I stood poolside, anxiously awaiting Connor's response. After shedding a few more tears, he flipped onto his back allowing Isaiah to cradle his head. Then he outstretched his arms and raised his belly. He was the deep end...and practically on his own.

By the end of the lesson, I witnessed Connor jumping into the deep end, front crawling to his instructor and flipping into back float position practically on cue. I was bursting with happiness just by observing Connor's newfound confidence. He swam to the side and emerged from the pool. I greeted him with a bear hug and told him I was proud of him. He replied, "That was fun."

I'm pleased that Connor is learning to swim, but I think the best lessons he's learning from the week transcend the pool. He's learned to face his fears, overcome hurdles and then relish the successes that come with a little confidence and hard work. I'm proud of him for how he acting in swim lessons, but for reasons that don't even involve water!

(Sorry no pictures today, I was too involved in watching the lessons to think about pictures!)

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