Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Welcome Letter

Dear New Kitchen Rug:

Welcome to the family. We hope you enjoy your time laying around the kitchen. Considering we have four growing boys, we will spend lots of time with you and around your presence in the coming months and years.

I took your picture today because I want to remember how you looked when you first arrived. Although my intention is to keep you looking the same, historically items age pretty quickly in this house, especially in the kitchen. You see our four little ones are learning to master tidy "big boy" eating. It's not a skill you learn overnight and accidents do happen (on a daily basis it seems).

Our prior rug put in five years of hard service and had the "scars" to prove it. Liquid streaks garnished its exterior. Peanut butter smears adorned most of its periphery, remnants of plummeted open faced sandwiches that landed in such a way to maximize spillage. Squishy gooey substances like raisins and blueberries were ground into the surface, too icky to be removed easily so they remained longer than I care to recall. And, of course, the poor rug lived through three potty training boys (need I say more!).

But, we have high hopes for you (and them). We hope you are a member of the family for awhile, but don't look like it!


The Woods

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  1. so funny! i'm so glad you took a picture to remember it at it's finest! it looks great, btw! :)