Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All It Takes Is A Creek

Caleb with his creek "find."

Cooper having a blast at the splash park!

The boys and I ventured over to a new park (Dillon Park) on the recommendation of a neighbor. Dillon park offers play equipment, a splash park, but most importantly (at least in the eyes of the boys) a shallow creek perfect for exploration and entertainment.

After a little play, the boys raced to the shallow portion of the creek. In no time, shoes were flung off as bare toes splashed in the water. Collin and I sat on a small bridge, with a bird's eye view of all the action.

A few minutes later, Caleb said, "Mom, look what I found."

From a distance, I saw him holding some sort of creature. My stomach started to churn and I prayed that he wasn't holding a snake!

He followed up with, "Don't worry, it's dead!"

At that point, I'm wondering if I should be thrilled that he isn't holding a live animal or disgusted that he's grasping a dead one (maybe a little of both). He ventured closer and proudly displayed a deceased crayfish. What's the proper response to seeing your son holding a dead animal? Congrats?

While I'm discussing the crayfish with Caleb, Collin decides to empty the contents of my pool bag from the bridge into the creek. From the corner of my eye, I watched towels, spare clothes and other personal items float under the bridge. To top it off, my camera became engulfed in liquid and I think may have snapped its last photo. (I'm so sad!)

After the items were retrieved from the creek and I grieved for my camera, I sat and really watched the boys. There they were: three boys clad in swimsuits, frolicking in the water, squishing mud between their toes, dashing after crayfish and other aquatic wildlife. There was a gleam in their eyes and I thought the whole scene reminded me of a postcard for summer or a Norman Rockwell painting.

No, I didn't have a working camera ready to snap their pictures, but I think those images are burned into my brain: pictures of little boys in summer doing what little boys do.



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