Thursday, July 29, 2010

And We're Off

It's the biggest contradiction in motherhood: being insanely busy all day, but never actually getting anything done. On days like today, when I really need to be productive, I struggle with this the most.

Tomorrow we're heading out of town. Destination: South Bend and Chicago. We're hoping to squeeze into the next five days: a high school reunion, visit with relatives, visits with dear college friends, and lots of kid friendly entertainment. (Just writing this, I'm not sure it is even physically possible to accomplish with four kids in tow, but we're going to give it a try!)

Preparation for almost a week's vacation is always interesting with the kids. They're at that age where they want to pack themselves. My "helpers" stuff bags full with all kids of trinkets and doodads, and no actual clothes or hygiene items. I'm left to wait until bedtime, to repack all luggage so that at least one full outfit (with underwear) will make the trip.

After they've packed, they're wired, not quite sure what to do with themselves. So, they do crazy things. Here's how it goes: I pack one item, check on the boys, pack another item, clean up a spill, pack another item, break up a fight, and on. One hour later, I'm not sure much has been accomplished.

Despite all the challenges, vacationing with the boys is amazing. It's fun to experience new places and adventures through their eyes. I can't wait to see the boys gawk at the Chicago skyline, run around Millennium park, and step foot on Navy Pier. What memories we'll have!

Hope to blog again in a week!

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  1. I LOVE the new blog format!! What a great decision...totally spruced it up! I have a feeling I am going to want this soon too! Have fun in chicago!! XOXOXOXO