Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blooming Book Club

The boys playing War (picture unrelated to blog topic...but cute!)

Last night was book club. Each month we rotate homes and take turns acting as hostess, duties that include: selecting a book, leading the literary discussion and preparing snacks and beverages for the evening.

July's featured novel was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The book dives into the world of African American maids and their caucasian employers in the south of the 1960s. I loved it! I'm not sure what word I would use to describe it: educational, poignant, hilarious, engrossing or enchanting (so I think I'll use them all!).

July's hostess whipped up an impressive buffet: chunks of beer bread and chopped veggies paired with creamy dip, a mound of whipped topping encircled by fresh berries, and crunchy pita chips accompanied by pipping hot artichoke dip. Perched above the finger food on a cake stand lay Minnie's carmel cake (a baked good referred to in the book). Finally, an assortment of beverages flanked the buffet providing choice after choice for our brood of bibliophiles. I situated myself in a perfect position next to a plethora of finger foods, and devoured more than I care to remember!

But, we were there to discuss the book, so eventually the gals peeled themselves away from the snacks and gravitated towards the couches. Then, the hostess fired off literary questions and we all chimed in with our opinions and comments.

Every discussion has been enlightening! Our group contains amazing women who offer rich comments, intriguing opinions and brilliant insights. Of course, they've taught me a lot about each book. But, what I've learned the most is about them. Each meeting, at least one woman throws out a personal comment or experience somewhat related to the book. I guess it takes a novel to teach me about the other members.

With each meeting I feel like I'm peeling back the layer of acquaintance, and covering up the bare patches with new friendship growth. I can't wait to see what blooms!

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