Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Books for Toys

Fortunately the boys love to read, but they especially love to read in the summer. You see, the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library knows exactly what to do to keep kids flipping pages in the heat: the summer reading program. The boys love it! With each five hours of documented reading, they can redeem the hours for the trinket(s) of their choice. Yes, I did say trinket! The kids are escorted into a little room where any and all carnivalesque toys are displayed on shelf after shelf. The boys can then pick the plastic doodad of their choice. For the seven and under set, it's heaven!

After several years of participating in the reading program, I'm beginning to think all the trinkets are donated. The last couple of years the "prizes" we've received have been extremely unpopular (at least in the eyes of the adults in the house!).

Last year the boys chose silly putty. I've never purchased silly putty, and naively thought silly putty was similar in consistency to play dough. Boy was I wrong! Silly putty is akin to gum, with adhesiveness like you wouldn't believe! Thanks to the silly putty, I have a couch that will never be the same (although decorative pillows can do wonders)!

The year before the boys selected a recorder type device as a prize. At all times of day and night, we'd hear the "enchanting" sounds of the recorder. I kept wishing our walls had better insulation!

Today, fortunately, the boys selected some silly bands. I can live with those...non-adhesive, silent, and somewhat functional.

Couches will come and go, recorders get broken (accidently of course), but a love of reading is forever!

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