Friday, July 16, 2010

Cake Catastrophe

What use to be chocolate cake!

Last night, we feasted on an amazingly decadent chocolate fudge cake. It was truly love at first bite (at least for me). When the last fork hit the table, one piece remained. From that moment on, I mentally claimed it as mine and fully intending to do whatever it took to savor that one last piece (all other family members beware!).

This morning, I was wiping off the kitchen counters when one wrong swipe toppled the cake over the counter ledge smearing icing and cake crumbs all over the tiles. I was devastated! At that moment, I was thinking about that Friends episode where they dropped the cheesecake on the floor, and then grabbed forks and ate the sweet right off the ground. I remember watching that episode with pure disgust. Now...well....maybe? My small bit of dignity prohibited me from eating it off the floor. With great sadness, I snatched the icing mound and chunk of cake and tossed it into the trash can. I kept thinking how sad it was that a perfectly delicious chunk of cake went to waste!

Even though I was mourning the loss of my chocolate cake, I found other sugary treats to provide me comfort (maybe a little too much) and lots of happiness!

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