Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cincy Visit

Heather and I pre-run (still smiling!).

Matt and I braved the hot tub with the kids!

My nephew Will

With four kids, I can't say we receive that many invitations for overnight visits. But, I'm fortunate to have an amazing brother and sister in law who throw caution (and cleanliness) to the wind, and open their home to our brood. Yesterday we made our semi-annual pilgrimage to Uncle Matt and Aunt Heather's house in Cincinnati. What a treat!

The best thing about visiting Matt and Heather is that you don't actually have to go anywhere to have a good time; the fun is just being in their company. Truth be told, we didn't venture far from their house, but that really didn't matter to the kids. The boys splashed around in their neighborhood pool, lounged in the hot tub and enjoyed relaxed TV rules. I think their very favorite part of Matt and Heather's house is the numerous candy jars Heather displays around the house. Poor Heather, I think she spent the last 24 hours picking up candy wrappers from every nook and cranny!

Chris and I truly treasured the time just the four of us were able to converse after the kids were tucked into bed. The conversation flowed between hilarious (Matt recalled my bad perm days and I responded with my memories of Matt's short shorts) and meaningful. When all words were said and we headed to bed, I grew a little sad. I wished for more nights of laughter, tears and memories.

This morning, Heather and I enjoyed a long run. I treasured that time! We rolled months of conversation into one run. It was a delight to catch up on just a portion of her life. Heather has always said she learns things from me because I am older and farther along in my parenting journey than her. In reality, I learn more from her and I'm a better wife, mother and person because of our relationship!

Thanks Matt and Heather for opening your home to our crew! We're blessed to have family members that double as best friends!

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  1. awwwww Becky !!! That is the nicest blog ever!! You guys are ALWAYS welcome to the joseph pad...we loved having you! and yes, the starburst wrappers are still being collected!! I loved our long run and the talk out on the back patio table with the boys the best. I miss you guys so much and it is so nice to feel like zero time has passed when we are able to catch up. you are such a special friend and i love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxo