Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Connor was a disaster. His eyes were red and tear soaked. His mouth was puffy and swollen on one side. The other side of his mouth was curled into a scowl. He glanced at me with a "How could you" look.

The dentist emerged by his side and declared his dental procedure a success, but that didn't provide any comfort to my sad five year old.

I escorted him out of the office, and he burst into tears, that erupted into wails. He kept attempting to communicate something important, but between the sobs and heaves I could only make out the word "mouth."

I'm still not sure if the tears stemmed from pain, discomfort or anger (or maybe a little of each). But, what I do know about Connor is that he's the kind of patient Chris refers to in the ER as a "drama one": a patient big on emotions, questionable on pain.

I listened to the cries for the entire half an hour ride to my friend Erin's house for a scheduled lunch date. He entered her house head downcast, sullen and somber.

But Erin has a way of transforming any child from gloomy to gleeful. She brought out the instant smile-maker: cup cake ice cream cones. It didn't take long for Connor to bop around Erin's house, acting like the dental procedure was a distant memory.

Some sugar and toys, and Connor was smiling again (albeit a little crooked for awhile)!

(No pictures for a little while due to yesterday's turn of events. Hopefully we'll be a working camera owning family within the week!)


  1. Becky, I was literally laughing outloud picturing Connor getting his mouth worked on. oh goodness, poor kid!! and tell chris to get you a new camera ASAP! blog not the same without visual proof of your days!!

  2. Poor Connor!!!!! I hope he is feeling better today! Did the milkshake on the way home help?
    We had so much fun with you guys yesterday!!! The girls are missing their buddies today. When Josh got home last night, Mica was about to burst with happiness to say that Collin, Cooper, Connor, and Caleb were here! (Funny that she says the boys from youngest to oldest)! :)