Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

The boys and friends watching neighborhood fireworks!

Our Uncle Sam ice cream treats!

When the boys arose, they were thrilled that it was July 4th. But, it really didn't seem like much of a holiday until 7 p.m. I spent the entire day responding to the questions: "What time is it?" and "When do the fireworks start?" It's hard for little boys to spend a day waiting for all their favorite things: loud noises, danger, sugar and late bedtimes.

Finally 7 p.m. rolled around. Some neighbor kids joined the boys for our Uncle Sam ice cream treats. The kids devoured their frozen treats, leaving a sticky residue on their hands and faces. Just when they finished the last bite, fireworks boomed from neighbors' driveways. The kids claimed a viewing area by the street, and the adults landed on the bench. The kids watched with wide eyes as their pyromaniac "big kid" neighbors released fireworks into the air. Some fizzled, other crackled and the really big ones boomed! I think the boys had the most fun just guessing what they'd do and where they'd land.

To top off the neighborhood light shows, Chris took the boys to our town's firework display. I'm here at home on baby duty...writing my blog! As I write this, the neighbors have resumed their show. My evening silence is pierced with sizzles and pops. It's the sound of celebrating, and for that I am glad!

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