Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning to Lose

The boys adored these shirts brought back from
California from Memaw and Papa. Connor completed the
look by wearing all camouflage!

The boys have been super into games lately: card games, board games and anything in between. Each day a new game becomes the "it" game of the day. Uno was hot for several days in a row. Today, it appears Candy Land has taken the lead. Great! Candy Land is actually a game all three boys understand and can play!

I love that the boys adore games; it's a non-destructive, tranquil way for three boys to spend their time. However, there's always a catch! The downside with games is that nobody likes to lose (shocking, right?)!

I've engaged in the game debate with friends: whether you let your kids win. I know "assisting" your children to victory sure makes things easy and boosts their spirits. But in my experience, the boys have no problem learning to win; learning to lose is a different story.

So, today we all played fair. I insisted we all draw cards from the top of the deck ONLY. No scanning the pile for the Lollypop card or rummaging through the deck until a double blue pops up. No scooting the king a couple of steps forward on the sly. No continual slides up rainbow pass without actually landing on the correct square.

Incredibly enough, I won each time! (I wish my fortune was always this good!) My male competitors were none so pleased with my victories. I heard a lot of, "That's no fair" and "I don't like this game!"

Although the boys were none to pleased with Candy Land today, they were learning a lesson. They learned losing is the risk you take when playing a game, but the only way to come out a "winner" is by how you play (and lose!).

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  1. The boys look ADORABLE in their camo! They're ready to go out hunting w/Josh! :)
    I'm glad you guys had a fun day of games yesterday! Next time we come over, I'll have to teach them Parcheesi! :) tee he hee