Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miracle Moments

It could have ended a lot differently if her timing had been different... if her reactions had been delayed... if the others hadn't stopped... if... if... if...

At 11 a.m. this morning my friend's husband called. He informed me my grandmother had been in a car accident on I-65 a few minutes from our house. The kids and I had been waiting for Grandma to accompany us on a day of swimming and lunch by the pool. I was surprised by her delayed arrival, and the phone call explained her absence.

I threw the kids in the car and we raced to the accident site. We discovered Grandma's ivory cadillac resting on the side of the road, slightly battered and torn, but still standing (just like my Grandmother). Grandma sat on the side of the road looking disheveled and solemn. My friend's sweet husband, Roger, was standing next to her, providing her comfort and facilitating conversation with her and the police.

After hearing from multiple parties, the details of the accident sounded horrifying and cemented in my mind how truly fortunate she was to walk away with nary a scratch. Evidently, Grandma and a trucker were attempting to merge at the same time. Something happened during the merge (there are conflicting stories on just what) that flung her car into the median on two-wheels (a witness said she almost rolled). Then the car skidded across the median into the opposite lane traffic on I-65. My 88 year old Grandmother was somehow able to regain control of her vehicle and maneuver the caddy to the side just inches away from being smashed by a semi-truck. The semi-truck driver stopped immediately and assisted my Grandmother. He would later describe the series of events as "miraculous."

Another car sat inches away from the fresh accident site. In the vehicle, Roger witnessed a little old lady that reminded him of his own Grandmother. He said later he felt compelled to assist her, thinking of how he would want someone else to treat his own Grandmother. He had no idea he was helping a friend's family member, more than he can even imagine. He ended up staying about 1 1/2 hours helping all of us, and showed up really late for work.

It was certainly an interesting experience maintaining four little boys and one 88 year old Grandmother on the side of I-65 (by the way, I was still wearing my bathing suit with just a cover up on!). The boys did o.k. for the first 30 minutes, then they became quite antsy and grumpy. (Cooper was literally doing flips in the car!) I turned on the car DVD and let them watch cartoons for the next hour while accident details were documented and confirmed.

After 1 1/2 hours, the caddy was ready to be towed and we were directed to take Grandma to the ER for a checkup. I switched on the ignition to head south when I got... nothing! The hour DVD usage caused the van's battery to die. The comedy of errors continued! The fortunate part: we were with a policemen and tow truck operators that gladly jumped our car and bid us adieu. We were finally on the road and Grandma finally made it to her destination (in one piece!)

Reflected back on the afternoon, we marvel at all God's handiwork and one heck of a story!

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