Thursday, July 1, 2010

My dear friends, Erin and Katie!

Katie and Erin's kids with Cooper!

Today we had a pool party. The invited guests included my two oldest (in friendship years) friends, Katie and Erin, and their kids. We met in kindergarten (31 years ago), and now we have kindergartners! I'm blessed to have friends who literally know everything about me and still love me. As our friendship gets older, it gets better! I love you both!

* * * * * * * *

After four days of swimming lessons, Caleb's swimming like a fish. He's doing so well, that we decided he was ready to dive off the diving board. Caleb and I ventured over to the diving well. I snagged a lounge chair with a perfect view of the board. Caleb started for the line and then hesitated. He begged me, "Jump off the board too!" I quickly replied, "I'm not sure adults can dive off the board." One of the "helpful" moms who overheard our conversation quickly piped in, "Adults can dive too." In my mind I was thinking, "You really couldn't keep that to yourself?"

So I left my comfy lounge chair surrounded by other moms relaxing over fluffy novels or skimming through People magazines to join the diving board line. I'm sure I was quite a sight; I think I was the only member of the line who had hit puberty and wasn't wearing a Silly Band™. But I stood among the adolescents and tweens because Caleb needed me and I wanted to be there.

Once Caleb's turn arose, he hopped onto the diving board. His confidence soared as he sprinted across the length of the board and plunged into the pristine waters. Within seconds he bobbed up to the surface. His arms formed circles around his head and his fluttering legs propelled him to the wall. I could see the pride and glee radiating from his skull. I was beaming and joy was seeping out of my pores.

Suddenly, I realized it was my turn. I stepped up onto the board sensing the other mothers' eyeballs glued to my suit (and I think I might have heard some snickers from kids in line). I sauntered the length of the board and peered into the water with fear and trepidation. After all, I hadn't been on a diving board for at least 20 years! With my eyes closed, I dove in slicing the water with my hands. My body glided under the surface. It was exhilarating... and peaceful... and magnificent. Once I resurfaced, I noticed Caleb back in line holding a place for his maternal diving companion.

My journey with Caleb is a lot like our diving experience. Caleb's taken me out of my comfort zone, made me work harder and stand out from other mothers given the opportunity to lounge on the sidelines. But I'm a stronger mom because I've taken the plunge and we're both learning how to get to the other side.

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