Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Summer Activitity

Snuggling with the boys (pre-bath!)
The boys at a tranquil moment during the day!

With summer activities dwindling and the countdown to school days away, the boys are a little stir crazy. But, they've found a way to fill their days until school begins: fighting with a brother (or two). In their eyes, the great thing about fighting is:

1) there are three brothers easily engaged in any type of squabble;
2) feuds can be initiated and enacted at anytime and anyplace; and
3) the reasons for engaging in a melee are endless and don't even have to be particularly meaningful to the fight initiator.

So, from morning until night I am doing everything from refereeing minor disagreement to breaking up WWFesque type skirmishes. At the end of the day, I wonder if I really even accomplished anything other than keeping the boys alive. (I keep reminding myself, at least I'm using a little bit of my arbitration training from law school!)

Just when I'm kicking myself for not having an only child, the boys engage in wonderful, imaginary play with a sibling. My heart melts at those moments, and I realize-despite the fighting-why we gave them siblings.

But, a few minutes later I hear that familiar cry, "Mom, he did....."


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