Monday, July 19, 2010

Selling Stuff

Not related to the blog, but cute pic from the day!

One of the salesmen from the garage sale!

Garage sale advertisement!

I overheard murmurings about a garage sale, but paid no attention to the chatter as I continued sprucing up the house. A few minutes later, I noticed all three boys shuffling arm fulls of toys and books into the garage. My focus shifted, and I followed the boys into the garage.

In the garage, the boys had compiled a mass of toys and books on a wagon. They had taped a homemade "Garage Sale" sign to the wagon's edge.

"What's going on," I questioned the boys.

Connor piped up, "We decided to have a garage sale. We want money to buy more stuff."

Scanning the sale, I was amazed at how quickly they were willing to separate from some of their "stuff," especially when just a week ago a casual mention of toy downsizing was met with loud protests and cries. Today, with dollar signs in their eyes, all sentimental attachments seemed to have faded, and they were ready to wheel and deal.

Caleb appears to be the mastermind and executive officer of the garage sale (no surprise!). Caleb was very hands-on, directing his brothers in every aspect of the sale, including the advertising! He insisted we advertise the sale by taping a garage sale advertisement (a sheet of construction paper with crayon writing) on my car. He reasoned that more potential consumers would see our advertisement as we zoomed around town. (I placed the sign on the van doors, but I'm not even sure it stayed attached while backing out of our driveway!)

The boys didn't have any customers today, but they didn't seem that upset. They had a ball positioning their toys, working together and dreaming of profits!

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