Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shower Swinging

Cooper climbing a tree during Connor's football practice!

The boys on their last day of swim classes!

The challenge about having boys is I (being female) can't supervise the boys' locker room time. Unfortunately, at our pool, there is no way around the boys entering the men's locker room. The locker rooms serve as the only source of egress and ingress into the pool. So, I bite my nails outside the door only imagining what sorts of shenanigans are transpiring within the confines of the room.

Today, after swim lessons, the boys entered the locker room with simple instructions: shower quickly, change clothes and leave.

I stood outside the locker room, awaiting the boys arrival when I heard a male employee yell, "Get down." His instructions were followed by a thud. I knew right away that my boys were involved in some sort of mischief.

Later, I pieced together the story. Evidently, Cooper was in the showers. (The locker room showers are extremely antiquated; patrons must pull and hold a string to operate the shower.) Cooper thought the string looked like loads of fun and would really be better suited as a Tarzanesque vine. So, he was swinging from the string, swaying among the liquid pellets. I envision him naked as a jay bird wearing only a smile as he propelled himself from one side to the next.

Alas, the pool employee was none so pleased, and Cooper was instructed to finally land. On cue, he plopped to the floor in a heap.

When the boys emerged, I was extremely disappointed in their choices. Cooper apologized to the male employee. But, I noticed a twinkle in his eyes that told me he was still savoring those moments of fun.

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