Monday, July 5, 2010

The Sound of Dinner

The boys had their first day of group swimming lessons!

I flipped the TV on as background noise while I was preparing dinner. The Barefoot Contessa filled the screen. After a few minutes, I gazed at the television in awe. No, I wasn't drooling over some fabulous meringue, nor was I ogling over an amazing soufflé. I stared wide eyed as the Barefoot Contessa calmly diced veggies and sautéed butter. While she was cooking, I noticed her calm and tranquil surroundings. She was taking her time preparing a feast, because everything was serene at Ina's. There was no child clinging to Ina's leg sobbing, she wasn't breaking up a fight in between whipping up a gourmet bisque. Ina was even smiling as she prepared a multitude of culinary masterpieces!

The Wood kitchen looks nothings like Ina's at dinner time. I've got a 17 month old that puts a dagger in all my attempts to peacefully assemble a delicious (and somewhat healthy) meal. You see, Collin is mobile (vertically, horizontally and every way in between)...enough said! While I'm attempting to slice something like a bell pepper, he's maneuvering towards anything and everything not made for a 17 month old; if it's sharp and hot, he'll find it!

I've had friends recommend that I place toddler entertainment in the kitchen. Believe me, I've tried it! I've placed arm loads of puzzles and toddler toys on the kitchen tiles. He'll explore the items for a few minutes, but then he's done. I guess a puzzle can't compete with all the fun he can have with a cheese grater or a garlic press? So, Wood dinner preparation is fragmented: a few chops..discipline..a couple of whips...comfort a sad child...some assembling...remove a child from the counter... and so on.

As I watched the Barefoot Contessa, I noticed a chirpy melody accompanied the program. This light background noise harmonized perfectly with the peaceful scene and hostess. It made me wonder what kind of music would be played if my kitchen was filmed during dinner prep? I'm thinking something like the "William Tell Overture." It's fast paced, dynamic and dramatic..much like my dinner prep!

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