Saturday, July 3, 2010

Star Gazing

The boys enjoyed a picnic lunch!

The boys have always wanted to visit the Indiana University Observatory. We've had horrible luck in the past. Every time we've attempted a visit, it's been closed. The observatory is picky, only opening its doors when the sky is pristine. Today we had the good fortune to visit at just the right time as clear skies engulfed the campus.

The observatory was constructed over a century old. It's interesting to tour a structure that is a unique fusion of history and science. We climbed the three stories to the top of the domed structure. Our astronomy students/tour guides allowed the boys to pull the appropriate levers to open a portion of the roof, flooding the room with the sky. Then the students motioned the boys to the impressively large vintage (yet functional) telescope. The boys took turns maneuvering the telescope to just the appropriate spot to gaze at intergalactic wonders. (Unfortunately because it was 2 p.m., we were not able to observe anything but blue sky; the cool stuff is only seen at night!)

The whole experience was amazing. I could have just sat for hours and gazed at the telescope, imagining a century's worth of little boys peering into the lens, discovering the moon.

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