Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Night In With Friends

You know the kind of friends who:

-have heard all your stories, but will politely listen to them again;
-know all your kids' birthdays and ages;
-have seen your kids at their worst and love them just the same;
-can "pop" over to your house any time and be fine if you just serve them frozen peas and fish sticks;
-don't care if your house has a little or a lot of dirt, they look at the people not the dust;
-call just to see how you are;
-stay late and laugh hard;
-give generous and personal gifts;
-visit you in the hospital just to lay eyes on your brand new baby;
-tell you the truth and encourage you when you need it;
-are reliable, and kind, and fun, and wonderful!

Thanks to our friends the Brinkruffs! We enjoyed having an evening with friends who are all of that and so much more!!

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