Friday, August 6, 2010

Best for Guests?

My neighbor Sy and her daughters came over for a little bit this afternoon and then we hit the library's "End of Summer" carnival together. The minute Sy stepped foot in our house, the kids did their absolute best to put their crazy side forward for Sy and girls to see.

Sy's not the only guest that has been greeted by my four frenzied boys. I don't know what it is? They can be happily and peacefully doing something like coloring, but then the minute a guest arrives it's "show time." Cue the drama, tears, and fighting.

Sy assured me this is a common phenomenon experienced by countless other mothers. We put our amateur psychology caps on, and pondered the reasoning. A need for attention? Testing of limits? Possessiveness of favorite things? We didn't know, but we made a pack to pass on the remedy to each other once either of us made the discovery.

Until then, I'm glad to have a friend like Sy who understands, can laugh amidst the lunacy, sees the good in the boys, and can utter, "I've been there."

Thanks Sy!


  1. Becky, girls and I had a great time! Next time, you guys need to come over to see our drama queens' Oscar winning performance! Celeb gave me a great highlights of Legoland. I must remember it when we get there in a few weeks. We told Celeb and Conner that we rented Tinkerbell movie. They both were shaking heads and telling me "oh,no... that's not a good movie at all." I should have listened to them. Annika only lasted a few minutes and walked out from the family room. Next time, I better ask Wood boys, the child movie critiques for thumbs up/down before we rent... Sy

  2. I call this phenomenon, "nervous excitement" or just a case of the "crazies", which we have quite often! :)

    I'm glad you guys had fun in South Bend and Chicago - lets try to talk this week! :) xoxo