Thursday, August 12, 2010

Connor was a little nervous to go into his kindergarten room!

Connor at dinner with Red Robin!

Chris and I found our seats and took in our surroundings. The room was filled with miniature desks and chairs, colorful bulletin boards, bins of toys, and books and more books. Although typically filled with kindergartners, tonight parents packed the seats and lined the walls.

You could tell some of the parents were veterans. They appeared relaxed almost to the point of boredom. For others, like us, everything was new. This was our first kindergarten parent orientation meeting at this school. We were the ones grasping notebooks and clutching pens, trying to decide if we should be more eager or anxious.

Connor's teacher, Mrs. Rent, commanded the room's attention and spent the next thirty minutes doling out instructions. She was the stereotypical kindergarten teacher: adorable, enthusiastic, and sweet. I feel in love with her right away, and I suspected Connor would too.

After the meeting, Connor was able to tour the classroom and meet Mrs. Rent. He was extremely shy at first, hesitant to even enter the room. But, once he spotted a bin of legos, everything changed. I could tell he was beginning to think, "This kindergarten thing may not be so bad!"

After the tour, Chris and I took Connor (JUST Connor... we got a sitter for the others!) to the dinner of his choice. After talking him out of McDonalds, he selected Red Robin.

Chris and I walked into the restaurant holding both of his hands. He got to pick where he wanted to sit. We talked about topics he wanted to discuss at dinner. We listened intently to him, because no one was there to interrupt. We watched him color, and complimented his meticulous work.

I'll always treasure this evening. I'll cherish the memories of a little blond haired, five year old boy beaming because he had a night devoted to him with two parents who couldn't love him more!

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