Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day Mishaps

The other boys spent the morning on the nature trails with the Hermacinski girls and one more friend!

Proud parents loving on their new kindergartner!

I imagined how the day would go. A slew of neighbor parents and kids would congregate at the end of our driveway. We'd all be clutching cameras, snapping the customary first day pictures. Some of us would be grasping kleenexes, while others trying to contain their excitement.

I envisioned we'd give Connor one last hug and then watch our little five year ascend the bus steps and select a seat. I'm sure we'd tear up a little bit as we watched the bus disappear from our line of vision, trusting the driver to get him safely within the confines of the school.

That's how I imagined the first day.

Here's how it actually went: The neighbors converged on our driveway. After several photos, we all stood and waited for the bus. Ten minutes bus. Then, one neighbor spotted the bus at a distance...exiting our neighborhood. We were forgotten. I'm not sure the kids knew how to react. I'm sure some were thinking, "Does that mean I don't have to go to school?"

School was still mandatory for our kiddos, so we each hopped into our cars and drove our children to school. I really didn't mind driving Connor to school, but felt a little sad that he missed that "first day moment." With my adrenaline rushing, I had little time for tears or sadness.

I spent the morning on a play date with my friend, Cara, and her girls. The boys and I had so much fun, that I had little time to dwell on the morning's milestone.

At pick up time, Cara offered to watch the other boys so I could pick up Connor alone. Once I arrived at school, I think the stored up emotions bubbled to the surface. I saw him first. He was clutching the teacher's hands leading a line of kindergartners out of the building. He wasn't a baby, he was a boy, and it seemed to happen overnight. Our eyes locked, and he raced to my side. Giddily, he reported his mornings activities and seemed pleased with the whole experience.

Connor was happy, and that made me happy too.

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