Sunday, August 8, 2010

Joy Ride

It's been over a year since Pastor Mark first stepped up to our church's pulpit. After I heard the first sermon, I was astounded that a man so young could speak with such passion, humor and Biblical knowledge. He was a force, and we were amazed!

So it's no surprise, that our church was bursting at the seams as we added more and more parishioners each week. For the church, it was a problem, or rather a challenge. Where do they put all the people? Add more space, of course!

That's where we find ourselves today: in the middle of construction. What it means for all of us parishioners is parking in a gravel filled lot about a football field length away from the church entrance.

I had my hesitations about it all. After all, I attend church alone a lot. Taking four boys through the parking lot on a normal Sunday can be dicey, let alone walking a football field length while ensuring the safety of all four boys.

But, for the last few Sunday, we've braved the construction and actually made it into the church doors thanks to the church shuttle (a.k.a. golf cart). The boys are in heaven! They squeal with delight when they spot the shuttle whipping around the parking lot. Four little boys flag down the driver and we all snag a spot. Cooper tends to sit with the driver. The older boys like to face backward in the rear of the cart. Collin and I grab the middle seat.

The boys love the five minute commute, and act as if they're taking a ride in Disney Land. Wearing big grins, they let out happy screams while waving to any person crazy enough to walk to church when a perfectly good golf cart is available.

When we reach the door, they're thrilled (and a little wind blown). Happy to be walking through the doors, because they know they'll be leaving the same way!

(I got a new camera was covered under our warranty! Hopefully picture soon!!!)

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