Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Day of Summer

Memaw cuddles Collin!

Papa loving on the boys!

Tomorrow school starts, for Connor at least.

I'm approaching the start of school with mixed emotions:

I'm not going to miss....

-luging four kids to the grocery store each week,
-having a to do list that barely gets touched,
-cringing at a house that looks as if four boys have spent a lot of time within its confines,
-breaking up fights, fights and more fights, and
-constantly cooking, eating, and cleaning up dishes (and they're not even teenagers yet!)

I am going to miss:

-hours spent frolicking in splash parks and pools,
-watching two boys learn to swim (and one jump off the diving board),
-taking day trips to interesting and new locations,
-preparing more elaborate breakfasts with no rush to get out the door,
-lounging around in pajamas for a few hours later than normal,
-watching Caleb devour books and develop a passion for fiction,
-observing Connor conquer his fear of swimming in the deep,
-seeing Cooper build relationships with neighborhood kids and engage in creative imaginary play, and
-visiting out-of-town friends and family, and
-taking mini-vacations.

It had to end sometime...wonder what's to come?

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