Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Night Party

Caleb, Connor, and friends mesmerized by the movie!

Cooper with his "girl friend" Bryn.

Collin snuggles with our neighbor, Kendall!

Many a Saturday night I spend alone while Chris is working a shift. Of course, it's not just Saturday nights; it's also Friday nights, Sunday mornings and holidays spent alone. I threw a pity party for a while (and still sometimes too), but then I discovered I'm not the only one. I determined many a mom spends a Saturday night alone: reporter's wives, pilot's wives, divorcees, army wives, etc. The thought crossed my mind: why are we all spending these evenings alone? wouldn't it be more fun to parent together?

Fortunately, last night was one of those nights. My friend Ali, and our other friend Ashley, were alone on a Saturday night. Ali offered up her house for a pizza party/movie night. So, six kids (plus her four) and two moms invaded her home.

The kids were elated. They feasted on pizza, cups of popcorn, juice boxes and cookies. After they finished their first course, Ali flipped on a movie outside. It was adorable. Some of the kids snuggled on lounge chairs. Others sprawled out on a blanket, nestling with a friend while gazing at the show.

With the kids so entertained, Ashley, Ali and I had time to engage in a real live conversation. We shared current struggles, but found time to laugh...the real kind that makes your side kind of ache. We encouraged each other and provided good counsel upon request.

I'm grateful to have friends like Ashley and Ali. Friends who are available at unconventional times for pizza parties, and are always available when needed.


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