Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seeking Silence

Cooper eating a special lunch, thanks to Dad!

Lunch was served outside today. The boys devoured their sandwiches amidst the sunshine and occasional insect. They're not one for idle chatter, so they spent most of their meals engrossed more in their cuisine than their familial companions.

At midday, our neighborhood is traditionally serene. But, today our lunchtime silence was interrupted by construction clamor from a nearby yard: backup beeps, truck engine clatter, saws whirring, and hammers tapping.

About half way through lunch, Connor uttered, "So much for peace and quiet." His comments made me laugh. Later I thought about the irony of his statement.

Lately I've been aware of how much noise swirls around our house. It seems with each boy we added, the decibel levels in our house increased exponentially. My household activities are accompanied by the sounds of tears, squeals, screams, thuds, bangs, crashes, whistles, and so forth.

Sometimes all that noise makes me pine for tranquility. But, I think one day the silence may be the most deafening.

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