Friday, August 13, 2010

A Sizzling Summer Day

Cooper pushes Collin on the swing!

"My son said he's ready for snow," my neighbor exclaimed during our early morning run. She went on, "I agree with him."

I can understand their sentiments. For the last few days, temperatures have hovered in the 90s, inches away from the 100 mark. The sweltering heat combined with arid conditions have left many wanting for winter.

The boys and I have spent many hours cocooned in an air conditioned oasis trying to get a respite from the heat and humidity. But after my friend's comments, I was beginning to think we should take advantage of summer while it was still around.

So we waited until evening when the sun was less intense and the weather almost balmy (compared to the afternoon temps), and then the boys made their way outdoors. They dressed for heat: Collin was clad only in a diaper, Cooper sported a tank and shorts. The boys crept across the crunchy, thirsty, khaki colored grass and made their way to the swings.

I placed each boy on a swing and gave them a push. With each oscillation of the swing, a breeze whipped through their hair and over their bodies. They were still warm, but comfortable, and happy. The boys relished in the play, and the physical activity seemed to do wonders for their spirits.

I'm not ready for summer to be over with, but wish it would lighten up just a bit.

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