Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Truly Beautiful Day

Yes, they all decided to eat shirtless...boys!

We had perfect weather today, as if custom made: pure sunshine, pleasant temps and clear skies. It felt like summer was beginning to yield to fall, but still putting on a pretty good show. The boys and I relished in the weather, basking in every last ray of sunshine.

In fact, we even enjoyed dinner on our deck, a rarity for our family. I guess the stifling heat has encouraged us to eat among the air conditioning blasts. But, tonight we loaded up our plates and headed to our outdoor dining room where our surrounding included interesting creatures and a plethora of vegetation. Our dinner conversation was backdropped by the sound of nature mixed with the chatter from neighbors' yards; a fitting harmony to our lively discourse.

I asked Chris if he enjoyed eating outdoors. Chris isn't one that enthusiastically answers to many questions. But tonight without hesitation he responded, "Yes." And, I know the boys concurred.

After the last dish was put away, I stared out at our deck and thought how grateful I was that we enjoyed those last minutes outdoors. I imagined peering at that same deck in February, and how I'll dream of another day like today.

I had to share the quote from the day:

Caleb and I did our bedtime prayer. Right afterwards, his defiant side reared its head.

"Caleb," I said, "We just prayed for your heart, remember?"

He responded curtly, "Well, I don't think it's working."

At least not right away, I guess.

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