Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Summers aren't summers in the Wood house without a week of Vacation Bible School. This year we almost missed it. With our church in the midst of construction, VBS week was squashed. (Can you even imagine Cooper spending a VBS week in a construction site?) Wise choice for the church, but sad for our family!

Then came the invite from a neighbor. She was running her church's VBS and welcomed my boys to attend. Sold. We penciled the dates on our calendar with eager anticipation.

Today was our first day. We arrived at the church exactly at 9 a.m. The facility is small, or some may refer to it as cozy. The church is housed in an office complex, which could lend itself to stuffiness. But, the parishioners have done an excellent job of making the decor inviting and accommodating for worship, fellowship and church activities.

About 20 boys and mostly girls were in attendance at today's VBS. If you're doing the math, that means my boys alone accounted for almost one-fourth of the participants.

The children spent the first few minutes engaged in a worship period in the sanctuary. Then, the kids were divided into three groups: school age (Caleb), preschoolers (Connor and Cooper), and babies of workers (Collin).

Being that our family maintained such a large presence in the group, I insisted on helping and was placed with the elementary school age kids. I learned a few lessons from my experience today:

1) Never wear white pants to work at a VBS.

It's not a VBS without paint, glitter glue, markers, grass, etc. What was I thinking?

2) Be prepared for any and all questions connected (or remotely connected) to the Bible.

The question of the day: Is God a man or woman? Follow up question: Are angels boys or girls? What I've applied to VBS (that I learned in law school): You don't have to always know the answer, just know where to find it!

3) Watching children soak in the word of God while having fun, feasting on junk food, engaging in recreation and crafting masterpieces.

What can I say? Priceless.

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