Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Back!

The boys posing at Lego Land!

Caleb was in heaven!

We made it back. We're safe. We're still speaking to one another. We're filled with good memories. In other words, the trip was a success!

I could bore you with the details of the last few days, but here are the highlights:

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Wood: The boys loved all the "novelties" offered at their grandparents' house: a dog, a boat, and a next door neighbor with a swimming pool (willing to let neighbor kids play).

The dog was well loved (and extremely tired). The boat was enjoyed by all (putting two boys to sleep with the rhythm of the river currents and the hum of the engine). The pool was a huge hit, especially the slide.

It was fun for me to watch Cooper discovering a kindred spirit in Grandpa Wood. They both share a passion for cars (Grandpa Wood gravitates towards vintage cruisers..Cooper favors the matchbox variety).

Collin adored the time with his grandparents and melted in their arms. Grandma and Grandpa Wood indulged in lots of cuddles and hugs, and Collin loved every last minute!

Chris's High School Reunion: Chris has been a little busy the last couple of years, and unfortunately his childhood/high school friendships have taken a hit. It was fun for me to meet friends from his past, and laugh at his childhood and teenage shenanigans.

I'm glad we went, because I learned even more about the man I thought I already knew.

Visit with my College Girlfriends: After our time in South Bend, we traveled to Chicago to partake in some of the family friendly attractions, and visit my two dear college friends: Susan and Rachel. They were both amazing friends to me in college. It's fun to see them almost two decades later as mothers, wives and homeowners. Who knew in college we'd ever become so responsible?

They were incredible people then, and got even better. I wish I lived closer to both of them so we could experience together the everyday challenges and laughter of motherhood. As for now, at least we have e-mail!

Seeing the Chicago Sites: And, I thought Indianapolis was big?

Here's my top ten favorites from Chicago:

1. Deep dish Chicago style pizza
2. Running along Lake Michigan
3. Window shopping on Michigan Avenue
4. Watching a 4-D Lego movie with the kids at Legoland
5. People watching everywhere
6. A hotel that brought the kids milk and cookies before bed
7. The reptile and amphibian exhibit at the Field Museum (Caleb's favorite, at least)
8. Eating a picnic lunch at the Lincoln Park Zoo as flamingos and other fowl promenaded around
9. Watching the kids spend their entire summer's allowance in about thirty seconds (on Legos)
10. Spending time as a family.

I have to add, my two favorite quotes from the trip:

1) Caleb announced as we were leaving the Lincoln Park Zoo, "I'll never, ever forget those lizards!" I believe him!

2) In response to Connor's whining, Caleb said, "Connor, you just need to roll with it." Believe me, the irony was not lost on us!

Thanks for reading! One and half more weeks until school...amazing!

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