Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paint Play

Collin's new favorite!

Caleb covered in paint, having a ball!

The boys busy creating masterpieces!

There are those days when the boys find happiness in the simple things. Today was one of those days. After enjoying a morning at a birthday party, we were housebound for the afternoon. I fully anticipated hearing "I'm bored" and "There's nothing to do." Instead, the boys concocted some creative (and messy!) play.

First they broke out the finger paints. We spread a blanket on the grass, and lined up bowls of paint. The boys used Q tips, fingers, toes, and an assortment of other body parts to decorate sheets of paper. They each corralled their inner Jackson Pollock, drizzling, flipping and smearing the paint around their paper canvas. They had an absolute ball! At the end, every inch of their body was covered (even their hair), except for their smiles.

While the boys were crafting masterpieces, Collin made circles in his new (inherited) riding car. He spent hours pressing the buttons, giggling with each beep and click, and shuffling his legs along the grass.

Today was simple, and simple was good.

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