Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Parade to Remember

Every September, Zionsville holds its annual Fall Festival. The weekend offers amusement park type rides, carnival games and all the greasy finger foods you could want. The boys love it all, but hands down the kick off parade is their favorite part of the weekend.

So each Fall Festival weekend, we load the boys up and head to our quaint downtown. We try to go early to snag a premier piece of sidewalk: a space ideal for securing the maximum amount of goodies tossed from floats and parade participants.

Once we claimed our seats, we watched as the parade promenaded down the cobblestone streets, with the emergency vehicles leading the queue.

For the boys, the emergency vehicles are always the biggest hit. The boys practically squealed in delight when the sirens sounded and the horns blared. They've learned from the past that the fireman and police officers are the most generous and deliberate with tossing heaps of candy at the kids. Again this year, they didn't disappoint. The boys' bags bulged with all their newly acquired treats after the emergency vehicles streamed past. (On the other hand, the boys won't forget the dentist that distributed tooth brushes and the insurance agent that tossed kleenex packs. To say they were disappointed would be an understatement!)

After the emergency vehicles, we cheered as the cheerleaders tumbled and engaged the crowd. We swayed along to the marching band's rhythm and the beats of the percussion instruments. We laughed as we gazed at our beloved librarians dancing in synch down the street.

Perhaps the most touching portion of the parade was the floats dedicated to remembrance of service members, veterans, fire fighters and police officers. You see, the parade's theme was "heroes," and on this September 11th it was fitting that we would honor all those in our community that fall in that category. Several floats housed veterans of wars from World War II to Iraq. We sat on the side and applauded those people. We have celebrations like we had today because of those heroes.

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