Monday, September 13, 2010

Remembering Woolly

Collin with his neighbor buddy, Rosie. She loves playing with Collin and is a huge help!

Almost a week ago, Connor adopted a pet woolly caterpillar, plucked from the great outdoors. For Connor, it was love at first sight, so he named him ("Woolly"), housed him (in an OUTDOOR habitat), and entertained him for days. It appeared to be a win-win situation: I dodged the whole "Can we get a pet?" plea for another week, and we acquired a pet with absolutely no maintenance or upkeep. Things looked good.

Then, today happened. I was pulling into the driveway when I heard a slight crunching sound. I jumped out of the car and gazed at what used to be Woolly's habitat smashed, tattered and tire marked. I examined the carnage: pieces of Wholly's habitat were scattered about, but no Woolly. I imagined the worst (Woolly became embedded on the tire), but hoped for the best (Woolly leaped from his home seconds before my tire came bearing down.)

Now came the really hard part: breaking the news to Connor. I sat him down, and gingerly admitted my wrongdoings. "Connor, I've got some bad news." I sighed, "I ran over Woolly's home and I'm afraid he may be gone."

Connor looked startled at first, but then he replied, "Mom, I've got good news for you. Woolly wasn't in his home today. I think he turned into a moth."

Whew!! I think the dog discussion may be back on the table.


  1. becky, your blogs are one of my favorite parts of the day. i laugh outloud and fall in love with my bubbies even more. you are such an amazing mom and i love love love how funny you are!! wholly lodged inside the tire groove would have been too much for the entire wood clan to take...looks like you have been spared!! but trust me, your puppy is coming.

  2. Oh, what a relief! I bet you were just horrified and filled with so much anxiety having to break the bad news. Glad you dodged a bullet - this time at least. :)