Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Cooper's face after I wiped off most of the sand.

Connor looks sweet and innocent in this picture!

An absolutely gorgeous day: dreamy temps (75 and holding) and pristine skies. Unfortunately, the kids and I were stuck in the minivan, left to gaze at the sunshine from the confines of our car. As I was shuffling the kids between school pickup and Caleb's social skills class, the kids spotted a church playground. The back of the minivan begged to stop. With an hour to spare before class, how could I not?

So, I swerved into the parking lot, and the kids leapt from the car. In no time, they were climbing on equipment, soaring down slides, and swaying on swings. Then, they ran to a large rectangular sandbox planted among the equipment. The sandbox lay bare: no shovels, buckets, or toys. A disappointment fell over the boys. How could they possibly play in the sandbox without the proper equipment? That's when I spotted the wheels of imagination spinning in their heads. They used what they had: two hands and a little creativity. Soon, they were maneuvering the sand into castles, car washes, and villages. Random sticks were used in conjunction with unearthed candy wrappers to form flags. The remaining twigs were transformed into canoes and railroad tracks.

The boys were engaged and happy. I soaked in a few minutes of peace and quiet, basking in the sunshine, gazing at my content little guys. I couldn't let this moment go uncaptured, so I ran to the car to snag my camera, hoping to document the fact that sometimes they actually do get along.

In the 30 seconds it took to get to my car and back, the happy play unraveled. Evidently, Cooper rearranged Connor's sand creations. Connor, not taking a liking to Cooper's modifications, pushed Cooper's face into the sand.

When I arrived back at the sandbox, Cooper's face looked like it was covered in a facial mask. Grains of sand lay imbedded in every inch of his visage from his scalp down to his chin. His nostrils were coated with sand, and wet muddy sand was oozing from his mouth. He looked absolutely pitiful.

I confronted the culprit on his actions. Connor pled his case and touted his reasonings. Consequences were delivered, as tears were shed. Cooper was wiped up (sort of).

How I miss those few peaceful moments!

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