Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Family Heirloom

It seems that every marriage has one: a decorative item displayed in the house that isn't fully appreciated by both parties. For us, it's the pool table. We adopted the pool table about a year ago: a twice hand me downed table donated to our family from my aunt. She warned me the table had a few nicks and tears, but it was, after all, free. I was sold!

The table was well loved (loved to death practically), but it found its home in our basement. I described the table to Chris as a family heirloom. He disputed my semantics while expressing displeasure over our acquisition. Since then, he's been stewing over this table and shooting it homicidal glances. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to come home from a trip to the grocery and find the table transformed into fire wood with Chris holding the saw.

In the last twelve months, the table has been used a lot, but not for pool. It's been used to wrap gifts, build blocks, leap from, and on and on. The amount of time we've played pool could (sadly) be limited to one hand.

Today the boys had Korinn over for a play date. The kids were running around the basement, when Korinn glanced at the table. She questioned the table's actual use. As her words were spoken, I could see the boys curiosity piqued. I grabbed the balls and a couple of cues and positioned the kids around the table.

I have one word to describe the game: stressful. Trying to insure that no child got impaled by a pool cue, while teaching the rules, and demonstrating technique was chaotic. Finally, we all gave up following rules and the kids used the palms of their hands to maneuver the balls to and fro. For the next two minutes, they had a ball (literally). Then, they went on to the next.

So, the pool table that occupies about 1/4 or more of our basement, lay unoccupied, again. I could hear Chris's words ringing in my head, "I told you so."

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