Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Day of First

Best picture I could get of the first day of preschool!

Cooper began preschool today, and Collin attended his first mothers' morning out class. We arrived a few minutes early, leaving just enough time to snag a couple (not great) photos. Then I escorted both boys to their classrooms. The boys happily entered their classrooms. Neither boy even turned around to see where I went. Both made a beeline for interesting toys and towards new friends. They appeared content and gleeful about their new arrangements.

As for me, well, I was a little gleeful too. I actually had TWO hours to myself. Looking around, I realized I wasn't the only mom elated about the start of preschool. I didn't see any tears shed, just smiles as mini vans squealed out of the parking lot heading for exotic locales such as Target or Marsh. (In fact, my friend Jenny rolled her mini van's window down and yelled something like "freedom" as she peeled out of the drive.)

I spent my two hours shopping for some birthday presents. It's amazing when you're used to shopping with four kids in tow the little things you appreciate. I didn't have to worry about potty breaks. I didn't stop every five steps to touch anything and everything in my path. I listened to my own music in the car, and talked on the phone without any interruptions.

The two hours went by in a flash, but the mental health benefits lasted for the whole day!

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