Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Cooper and Annika having fun with the cars!

Collin with his bud Alyssa.

My neighbor Sy and her two daughters came over for lunch play date. The blue skies and perfect temps allowed the kids to bring lunch outside. The kids alternated between bites of food and swigs of juice boxes. After lunch, Cooper shuffled his matchbox cars and beloved toys out to the deck. Sy's daughter Annika shares Cooper's passion for cars, and the two played harmoniously with the toy vehicles for over an hour (no small feat for three and four year olds!).

Sy and I soaked up the peace and devoured uninterrupted moments of conversation. Our conversation flowed between her experiences as a Japanese-American to a topic near and dear to both of our hearts: motherhood. She opened up about her struggles with fertility that led to a deep appreciation for the blessings of two healthy daughters. When all the words had been said, we sat and looked at our children happily playing with newfound friends. Sy said she just hoped they'd be happy and independent one day.

Later, I thought about the differences between Sy and I. Our upbringing and experiences diverge greatly. But, we have the same hopes and desires for our kids and that brings us together and builds a friendship.

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