Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Fall Clothes

Cooper sitting among all the "new" clothes, wearing his "new" pajamas!

Tis the season: the season where you could be wearing a tank top one day and a sweater the next. The seasons are transitioning and so goes our wardrobes. The boys needed to replace some of their summer duds with cooler weather gear. I knew the best place to find boys' clothes nearby: our basement

Within the confines of the basement sit container after container of boys' clothes. Although I always yearned for a little girl, having children all the same sex certainly has its advantages, and none greater than hand me downs! At this age, the boys still think hand me downs are cool. The day I unearth their "new" clothes from the basement, excitement and cheers erupt.

Today I dug up cool weather clothes from the containers. I first emerged from the basement clutching an arm full of Cooper's "new" clothes. He was giddy with excitement. He kept saying, "You're the best guy in the world!" Then he would motion to his brothers, "Come see all my new clothes!" As I inspected the clothes, there was the occasional ripped jean or stained shirt, but most were wearable and still fashionable (somewhat). Cooper spent the evening modeling his new finds, selecting his new favorites.

I think when you're in a big family having something new and individual is a novelty and a gem, regardless of that items' identity. Cooper was thrilled with his clothes: holes, stains, and all. They were his and I'm happy he has something to call his own (until Collin needs them!).

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