Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not again!

Pictures not related to blog, but from today's fall festival attractions.

As I mentioned in a prior blog, Cooper's had a few accidents as of late. That being said, I wanted to share a funny story about Cooper from Friday.

Cooper, Collin and I headed to the library. Cooper was scavenging through the videos, and I was chatting with one of the librarians several stacks away. Suddenly, I heard Cooper crying. I excused myself from my discussion, and searched for the cause of Cooper's hysterics.

When I turned the corner, I noticed Cooper holding his drenched shorts standing among newly saturated carpet. Between sobs, he uttered, "I peed." After he calmed down, I was faced with a moral dilemma: Do I admit to the librarians that my son was the source of the pee-stained carpet or escort him out of the library and act like someone else's kid was the culprit?

My conscience tugged on me to do the right thing, so sheepishly I located a librarian. "I'm sorry my son peed on the carpet, I'm happy to clean up the mess," I apologetically announced.

The librarian was extremely sweet about the whole thing. She looked at me as I was holding 19 month old, diaper wearing Collin and began to caress his legs. She then gazed into Collin's eyes and cooed, "It's o.k, accidents happen when you're learning."

Moral dilemma number two: Do I tell her Collin wasn't the source of the accident and admit his almost four year old brother was the guilty party?

Again, my desire for a guilt free conscience outweighed my pride, and the truth tumbled out of my mouth. The librarian shrugged it off, and recounted the number of accidents that have occurred among the children's stacks. Her honesty soothed my soul.

I took a couple things away from the afternoon:

1) Always pack an extra pair of clothes for Cooper;

2) Never walk barefoot among the children's stacks in the library; and

3) Selfishly, I was a little happy it didn't happen on our carpet (again!).

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