Friday, September 3, 2010

Running with a Purpose

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A friend invited me to join her running group for one of their early morning runs. So, at 5:45 a.m., I arrived at Town Hall right next to the fitness trail. I was the first to arrive, but within minutes six other runners congregated in the parking lot. It was dark, but I was still able to identify my running companions: six moms (four of us mothers of four children), all in our 30s, clad in form fitting running apparel.

Once everyone was present, we took off down the trail, running two or three in a row. The pace was brisk, and the conversation lively. Some of us were dear friends, others new acquaintances, but we all found common ground to land the discussion: good babysitters, cleaning tips, school bus woes, and so forth.

As the miles went by, the group began to taper, until our posse had dwindled to three. We were acquaintances, but with each pound of the pavement we were moving our way towards friends.

One of the moms shared her father's (a workout fanatic) advice: all runners must have a purpose when they run. We all pondered his comment, sharing our thoughts.

It made me think. Why exactly do I arise at the crack of dawn, to sweat like crazy with five other women I barely know? Of course, I run to reduce stress, and it sure helps to lose some of those pregnancy pounds. But the truth is, running provides a forum for companionship and a springboard for friendship. I run with these other women because that's why they're out there too.

We were helping our bodies during the run, but I think the biggest benefits went to our hearts!

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