Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What an afternoon!

Being a parent for the last seven plus years, I've learned two important lessons:

1) Everything always happens at the same time; and

2) A child that is potty trained, may not be accident free.

That being said, you can just imagine what kind of day I had!

The morning started with a flat tire, and then appeared to get better as the day progressed. Once Caleb arrived home from school, the day began to unravel again.

We started the evening off with homework. Caleb has a new nemesis: spelling words. Getting him to practice spelling is about as easy as it is to get him to play sports. I finally got him to sit down and practice when I hear Connor yell from upstairs, "Cooper pooped... on the floor."

I cringed, and reluctantly climbed the stairs just to discover the soiled carpet. I swooped Cooper up and placed him on the potty. Then I ran down the stairs and googled, "poop on the carpet." A couple of minutes later I ascended the stairs clutching rags, detergent, carpet spray and hydrogen peroxide (thanks, Cara!). As I was cleaning the carpet, I noticed Cooper had removed himself from the potty and sat (with an uncleaned backside) on another part of the carpet to read a book.

Again, I swept him in my arms and placed him in the bathtub. From upstairs, I could hear Caleb requesting (loudly) his words. So, I'm screaming, "Spell gravity, now applaud," while washing Cooper, in between scrubbing the carpet.

In the middle of this chaos, Connor comes in and announces he needs a home for "Woolly."

"Who's Woolly," I inquired.

"My pet woolly caterpillar." Just at that moment he displays a woolly insect perched on his arm. I'm not fond of insects, especially in the house. Seeing this creepy crawly made me jump.

I went into triage mode: bath, spelling words, carpet cleaning, (outdoor) habitat selected for Wooly.

Just at the moment, the phone rang and I let it go to voice mail. I found out later it was Chris.

He wonders sometimes why I don't answer the phone!

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  1. ahhhhh i am peeing my pants!!! now that is a blog!! hilarious becky, hilarious. my fav part, is you screaming spelling words to caleb in the midst of it all. cracked me up!!!
    love you!