Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magical Moments

We walked through the gates of Magic Kingdom. I glanced down at the kids. They stood wide-eyed, soaking in the scene. Disney's main street was abuzz with dancers, musicians, merchants, and lots and lots of people. A crew of characters broke out in song. Beyond the shops and eateries, lay Cinderella's castle. To borrow a Disney term, it was "magical."

The last six days flew by, and we squeezed every last minute out of it. We hit the rides. We saw the shows. We ate (a little too much of) the yummy treats. We hugged the characters. We did everything you probably did at Disney, but here are some of my favorite memories:

1) Chris and Caleb bonding over roller coasters. They emerged from the rides a little wind blown, but completely giddy.

2) Collin swooning over the characters and character shows. He beamed and swayed when he lay eyes on anything big and fury.

3) The boys experiencing the park with their grandparents (and Aunt/Uncle/Cousin). Those memories are priceless!

4) Chris and I having a "date night" at Epcot (thanks to our sitters, Grandma and Grandpa). Disney is so different (and easier) without four kids in tow.

5) Cooper wearing his "It's my birthday" badge everyday (actual birthday: October 30th). I can't even tell you how many birthday cupcakes and wishes he received over the last several days. He loved every minute of it!

6) Connor sobbing through Space Mountain and Expedition Everest. Afterwards, he announced it was his "funnest and scariest day."

7) Collin and I laying in a hammock, watching the sky turn from blue to orangey-pink amid the palm trees. He lay peacefully by my side and all I could think of was how content we both were.

8) Cooper selected as one of the participating audience members in the Monster's Inc. laughing show. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered into the microphone, "A Dinosaur."

9) My brother and I experiencing Disney as kids together, and now as parents.

10) Sure there were tears and tantrums, but the laughter and memories outweighed it all.

Back to reality.

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  1. I LOVE COOPER'S FACE in the last picture! Priceless! :) I'm so glad you guys had a great trip! What fun memories you made! :)
    Welcome home! :)