Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Case of Separation Anxiety

They've all had it at least once. You think they're cured, and then it rears its ugly head again, or passes on to a sibling. I've yet to find an effective cure. I'm sure one of your children may have had it a time or two. Tis the season for...separation anxiety! The thing with separation anxiety is it can pop up unexpectedly and really without reason. Such was the case today.

Today's victim: Cooper

The morning seemed rosy. I easily maneuvered the two younger boys into the van. The atmosphere in the car was pleasant. Things seemed good. Then we pulled into the preschool parking lot. A wail erupted from the backseat accompanied by pleas to return home.

I snagged Collin out of his car seat, and pried Cooper from his booster. He sobbed by the car. I tried to be positive, the tears continued. I tried to pick him up, he resisted. I tried to enlist his peers as encouragement, he wouldn't budge.

Finally, I had to escort him with force (while holding a now crying Collin) down the stairs of the preschool and into his classroom. (Not the day to wear my new clogs, by the way!)

Once in the classroom, the teacher snagged him from my arms as the sobbing continued.

I pulled myself together and walked over to a one-way glass window. I watched as the tears transformed into smiles as he bopped around the room. He happily played with his peers, and all the goodies in the classroom. What a performance he put on for his mother!

When I returned at pick up, you guessed it, he didn't want to leave. I'm betting you've been there too!

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