Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating a New Birthday

Left: The boys latest obsession: jumping into a pile of leaves from the swing set (neighbor boy demonstrating). Good thing Dad's an ER Doctor!

Right: Liam and the boys eating dinner. (If Claudia, my dietician friend, is reading this - notice Liam is eating asparagus!)

I'm enjoying cuddle time with Collin.

"I'm in labor," my friend Claudia announced over the phone.

In a wave of shock and excitement, I replied, "Really, Labor!" I continued, "Don't you have another month to go?" as if the baby clearly had no consideration for Claudia's time.

"Can you come retrieve Liam? He's going crazy," Claudia continued.

Of course I'd get Liam. Would anyone really want to be in labor with their rambunctious four year-old son running around?

I rushed over to the hospital. Once in the room, I noticed Liam running in circles, pushing buttons, and jumping on furniture. I scooped up Liam, planted a hug on Claudia, and wished her the best.

Liam spent the next eight hours in our home. He really was an asset to the day. The novelty of a new face in the house provided hours of entertainment for the boys, and curbed the fighting significantly. (I did have to reprimand the boys for questioning Liam on why exactly he'd be happy to have a new sister when brothers are so much better.)

Around bedtime, I returned Liam to the hospital to deliver him to his night shift babysitter: his grandpa. Connor accompanied me on the ride.

As we left the hospital, Connor and I walked hand in hand. I was a little emotional thinking about Claudia and what a monumental day it was for their family, and how happy I was that we got to experience just a piece of her new daughter's birthday. I recounted to Connor how I felt when he was born. Then I told him I couldn't believe almost six years had passed since that wonderful day.

"Connor, you've got to promise me you won't grow up too soon," I uttered.

Connor smiled and whispered, "I'll try."

I guess I'll try to let him.

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