Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday night fun

Cooper at his friend Bryn's Build a Bear party.

It's Friday! TGIF. The weekends are greeted with much enthusiasm at our house. The boys relish a little more time in their pajamas, a little less time in the car, and lots of time playing...just playing (o.k. I love it too!).

For the last year, we've fallen into a Friday night routine. Exactly at 5 p.m., movie night commences at the Wood household. The boys quickly exchange their school clothes for pajamas and rush around the TV. They select a favorite animated or silly kid movie. Then, they snag their places on the couch and settle in to be entertained.

Movie night is always accompanied by a pizza dinner. Cheese pizza is the favorite. Half way through the movie, slices are delivered and devoured within minutes. Frequently, buttery popcorn accompanies the pizza as an accessory to the movie. After their bellies are full, they snuggle under blankets, and giggle along with the dialogue.

I relish those evenings too. I teeter between snuggling with the boys and attempted to get a few things done around the house.

Friday nights hold fond memories for me: giggles, snuggles, relaxation, but mostly time with family.

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