Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creek Stomping

The weather was beautiful and Chris had a day off work. A perfect day for a stroll along the nature trail. My friend told me about a certain section of the trail known for its frogs. The boys could hardly contain their excitement.

We pinpointed the location, and deviated off the trail. A few feet from the trail stood a shallow stream flanked by a rocky shore. The boys shed shirts, socks and shoes and began in ernest to search for frogs. In no time, the boys discovered a slew of spring peepers. I think, for the boys, the fun is in the hunt: dashing, bending, pouncing, and jerking in a desperate act to capture just one.

Two boys successfully snagged a frog (Caleb and Cooper). They cradled their new found pet, stroking its moist skin, examining every crevice. After a few minutes, we reminded the boys about our "catch and release" policy. So, with a despondent look, they cast the (now petrified) frog back into the water.

In between frogs, the boys found low trees to climb, and swung on exposed roots. Finally, Chris grabbed some stones and attempted to teach the boys the art of skipping stones. He informed them of the secret: 1) select smooth stones, and 2) toss side-armed. Chris propelled his stone across the water as it glided across the surface plunking just once. The boys repeated with overhead tosses that landed in a big, heavy plop.

After about an hour, Caleb said to his brothers, "Isn't it time for TV?"

The other three boys quickly rounded up their clothing and headed back in the direction of the car.

I guess nature can't compete with TV, but at least it did for an hour!

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