Monday, October 11, 2010

A Nutty Day

"I'm bored!".... A common phrase thrown out by my brood of boys. They utter these words while sitting in a house packed full of toys, books and puzzle. Sigh. So, it always surprises me, on a day like today, when a totally pedestrian object keeps them enthralled for hours. Today's coveted object: acorns.

Cooper and Connor discovered a slew of acorns scattered beneath a neighbor's oak tree. They quickly scooped up handfuls of the nuts, corralling them into a plastic bucket. With smiles plastered on their faces, they returned with their bucket full of treasures, emptying the contents onto our plastic picnic table.

I could see their minds racing: All these goodies, where do we start? It didn't take long for the acorns to land the staring role in about any and every kind of imaginary play. First, the acorns were colored and adhered to paper and box lids. Then, the acorns were used as props for their squirrel and rabbit traps. Their elaborate traps included all the essentials: plastic lids, tree branches, and deck chairs (all the objects squirrels and rabbits adore!). Finally, the acorns were used in their war. They transformed into army men with the acorns serving as their artillery.

I sat on the deck relaxing, finally! The whole time I kept thinking, "Acorns, really?"

Cooper has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I've been struggling with gift ideas. I think I may have just discovered a winner (and cheap too!).

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